7 Thanksgiving Safety Tips Your Employees Can Rely On

Your employees are what keep your business running smoothly. Without them, no work would be completed, and your company would go nowhere. Keeping them as safe and healthy as possible should always be your top priority. The following Thanksgiving safety tips will help to keep them safe throughout the holiday season.

Never Leave a Hot Stove or Oven Unattended

Never leave a hot stove or oven unattended. This can lead to a grease fire or severe burns. Always turn the burners off when you leave the room, and keep the handles turned toward the center of the stove. This will prevent any children from being able to reach them. Remember that the dishes will stay hot long after the heat source has been turned off.

Keep Glass Away from Heat Sources

The glass will shatter if it is set too close to an open flame or touches a hot surface. Place hot pads on the counter to keep you from sitting glass dishes on the surface of a hot stove. The farther away they are from a heat source, the less likely they are to break or crack.

Have a Fully Charged Fire Extinguisher Handy

Always keep a fully charged fire extinguisher handy in your kitchen. It is the safest way to put out any cooking fire and will keep sparks from flying if the fire starts to get out of control. If you use your fire extinguisher, call your local fire department to find out where you can take it to be recharged.

Don’t Try to Put Out a Grease Fire with Water

Trying to put out a grease fire with water will cause the fire to spread instead of putting it out. If you encounter a grease fire, use your fire extinguisher. It will knock down the flames and prevent the fire from spreading. A grease fire will spread quickly if you use water.

Practice Good Food Safety When Cooking Poultry

Poultry is a good source of salmonella bacteria. Always wash your hands, kitchen surfaces, utensils, and dishes after working with any type of raw meat, especially turkey and chicken. Raw eggs can also have salmonella. Always make sure all poultry products are fully cooked before you consume them.

Always Have a Designated Driver

Drinking and driving are against the law. Never get behind the wheel if you have any amount of alcohol or have taken any medication stronger than an aspirin. Consuming anything in the form of drugs or alcohol can alter your perception and put you at a much higher risk of having an accident.

Inspect Your Home After a Party

If you’ve had a holiday party or gathering, walk through your home and look for any damages. Make sure you document everything through writing and photographs. Look for broken or damaged items or if anything has been taken. The following morning, call your insurance agent if you choose to file a claim.

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