8 Important Car Safety Tips to Remember in This Technological Age

This current age of technology has substantial benefits for consumers. However, it also enables computer hackers to develop more complex schemes to corrupt data. Modern vehicles take advantage of these technological advancements to provide more features. Here are some tips to help protect your vehicle against potential cyber threats.

    1. Restrict Access

      A major part of keeping your vehicle safe is locking up at all times. Take the necessary steps to keep your vehicle safe. Avoid letting multiple mechanics work on your vehicle. You should have complete trust in the person who works on your vehicle. This will reduce the chances of a possible disaster.

    2. Consistent Software Updates

      Update the software in your vehicle’s computer system on a regular basis. The more up-to-date the software is, the more capable it is of protecting your vehicle against possible threats. Before you agree to an update, look over the terms carefully. Avoid updates that may appear from your manufacturer. In the past, hackers have sent update messages containing malware that infects vehicles.

    3. Monitor Odd Networks

      Treat your vehicle as a computer. Avoid connecting to any networks that have questionable devices. Only use your accessories in devices that you trust in order to avoid a potential security breach.

    4. Keep Your Fob in the Fridge

      Placing your key fobs in the fridge will prevent hackers from detecting signals and thwart any attempts at hacking into your database.

    5. Turn Off Bluetooth and WiFi

      Make sure to switch off all network connectivity and wireless communications when you are not driving. Such networks are easily accessible by hackers, facilitating data breaches.

    6. Install Defense Gear

      Traditional steering wheels can deter hackers who wish to steal your car. You can also invest in a kill switch, tire lock, and other anti-theft devices.

    7. Use Aluminium Foil

      Similar to putting your fobs in the fridge, wrapping your keys in aluminum foil will prevent hackers from intercepting your car’s signals and save your car from being stolen.

    8. Never Program Your Home Address into GPS

      Hackers and car thieves can use your GPS to locate your home, and if they have access to your garage, they can steal more than just your car.

Vehicles that operate with the latest technology are possible targets for hackers. Use these car safety tips to protect your investment. If you have any questions about your auto insurance policy, contact the experts here at CF&P Insurance Brokers, and we will assist you.

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