9 Workplace Safety Tips to Improve Your Employees’ Well-Being

An effective way to lower business insurance costs is to create safer working conditions. The more you can lower risks, the better chances for lower monthly premiums. Here are nine tips to help you improve your employees’ well-being at the workplace.

  1. Assess Risks

    Begin your project by assessing the current risks faced by your workers, whether it involves working at the office, operating remotely, or driving. Follow workplace safety guidelines established by The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

  2. Avert Falls

    Office desks and countertops with sharp edges present safety risks no one thinks about until someone falls. Check your desks, cubicles, and floor mats to analyze safety risks. Also, make sure halls and other paths are not blocked by clutter.

  3. Train Your Employees

    Even if it seems your office already has minimal risks, consider presenting a safety training program that raises awareness about workplace hazards. It can include how to respond to a fire or other emergencies.

  4. Provide Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

    While PPE is commonly associated with face masks, it also includes heat-proof gloves, hard hats, and protective gear for your eyes and feet.

  5. Invest in Lifting Machinery

    If your company does plenty of heavy lifting, you can make life easier for workers by investing in lifting and transportation machines such as forklifts.

  6. Keep First-Aid Kits Handy

    It’s a good idea to keep first-aid kids in obvious places in case you face an emergency. Having some basic medical supplies readily available is better than having none.

  7. Upgrade and Service Your Equipment

    Another concern to reduce workplace mishaps is to make sure your IT system runs smoothly. Letting bugs and bottlenecks build over time definitely will take its toll on productivity and efficiency.

  8. Emphasize Good Mental Health

    Business leaders now view wellness as an important component of workplace productivity. Let your workers know you’re concerned about their physical as well as mental well-being.

  9. Establish an Emergency Plan

    Develop a broad emergency plan encompassing workplace safety. Either outsource to computer experts or create your own in-house team that can come up with a disaster recovery plan for your business.

Follow these workplace safety tips, then let your insurer know about them. Contact our experts at CF&P Insurance Brokers to learn how we can help protect your business with customized coverage.

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