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A number of our employees have been working for us for thirty years or more. That fact may indicate many things but importantly, for our clients, it means continuity and a relationship with someone who knows you and cares about you. Our high client retention and client referrals speak to both our professional service and success.”

-The Partners

CF&P Insurance Brokers is a third generation, family owned, independent insurance agency. We pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding your needs and creating long term relationships with our clients by consistently delivering exceptional service and value. Our expertise will help you stay on top of changes affecting the property and casualty insurance industry and your risk management program.

Our History

Our History

Jan 01

1937 – Start of a Partnership

George Crist and John Fritschi decided to create a partnership that started as Crist and Fritschi.

Jan 01

1968 – First Merger

Crist and Fritschi merged with Chickering and Rowe Agency to become Chickering, Crist, Fritschi and Rowe, Inc.

Jan 01

1970 – First Purchase

Chickering, Crist, Fritschi & Rowe purchased A.T Lorentz and Company, E.J. Carey Company and Douthit Insurance Agency.

Jan 01

1993 – Second Merger

Tom Paterson and his agency Clark, Paterson and Rizzo Insurance Agency merged to become Crist, Fritschi & Paterson, Inc.

Jan 01

2008 – Third Merger

Paul Coupin and his agency Coupin Insurance Agency merged.

Jan 01

2013 – PIIB Affiliation

Crist, Fritschi & Paterson became affiliated with PIIB and was able to access the highest quality of insurers to further broaden the number of available markets.

Jan 01

2017 – A New Move

Crist, Fritschi & Paterson becomes CF&P Insurance Brokers and makes a bold move out of their native hometown of Oakland to Walnut Creek at their 80 year mark.

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