Five Factors to Manage Cyber Risk of Your Business

Most businesses that reach a significant market cannot afford to avoid liability insurance due to the high legal costs of litigation. Inevitably, the more digital a business becomes, the more odds increase of cybersecurity breaches leading to lawsuits from customers and investors. Cyber threats alone are creating an increasing need for cyber liability insurance. Here are key factors in managing

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How Cyber Insurance Helps Protect Your Small Business

Cyber insurance for businesses provides coverage against data breaches, enabling you to recoup business disruption costs, revenue loss, and other losses. It’s important to invest in this insurance policy as cyberattacks have risen sharply. From 2020 to 2021, cyber-attacks on small business networks soared by 26.8%, and the trend shows no signs of decline. Here’s why every business, large or

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7 Important Expenses Covered by Cyber Liability Insurance

Any business that operates online and collects confidential data should consider cyber liability insurance. You never know where hackers will strike next, as their targets have broadened to all businesses with valuable data. Here’s a brief look at what cyber liability insurance can do for your business. What Cyber Liability Insurance Covers Forensic Expenses: This involves hiring cybersecurity experts to

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5 Top Cybersecurity Trends to Watch Out For

The rise of hacking and data theft incidents during the COVID-19 pandemic reminded many organizations of the need to maintain high levels of cyber security awareness. Here is a look at the latest threats to data security and confidentiality. Suspicious Requests Cybercriminals can send you spoofed emails impersonating government officials or even your own employer. Their objectives would be fraudulent,

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3 Essential Components That Are Needed to Fight Cyber Threats

With the advancement in technology, most businesses now have an online presence to reach their customers all over the world. However, with this new development comes the risks of hacking, data leakage, and other forms of cyberattack. Therefore, the importance of cybersecurity insurance cannot be overemphasized. Besides, businesses are also at risk of lawsuits for failure to provide adequate protection

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