How Does the Coverage of Your Home Insurance Change If You Have a Pool?

When the temperature rises to an uncomfortably high level, the luxury, convenience, and solitude of having your pool can become an ideal refuge. But whether you’ve been daydreaming of a new in-ground or above-ground pool, adding up the expense can have you envision your lagoon. Have you ever wondered how much adding a new swimming pool might affect your homeowners

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Facts to Know about Wildfire Insurance in California

California is an amazing place to own a home, thanks to the state’s endless sunshine and beaches. However, if you own a property in California, you need to understand the Golden State’s serious wildfire risks. In 2021, for example, more than 2 million acres in California were ravaged by 8,835 wildfires. Hence, if you own property in California, carrying wildfire

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Debunking Home Insurance Myths to Uncover the Truth

There are many misconceptions about home insurance, from what it covers to who needs to buy it. As a homeowner, having a proper understanding of the policy is crucial for making an informed decision. Otherwise, you may end up filing claims for perils that are not covered by your policy. In such circumstances, you will not only be denied coverage

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Home Maintenance Tips You Need for This Summer

Keeping your home in good shape for the summer is best achieved with a thorough checklist. It’s particularly important to make sure your home is prepared to handle warm weather, especially if you plan on inviting guests for social gatherings. Here are key maintenance tips to add to your checklist. Inspect All Points of Entry One of your top priorities

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Homeowners Insurance: 10 Things You Should Know

Many people have misconceptions about their homeowners’ policies. They are easy to understand if you have your agent go over them with you. There are a few things you can take note of and ask your agent about. The more information you have about your policy, the better off you will be if you ever experience an event where you

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