Hosting a Party but Confused about the Insurance You May Need? Here’s What You Need to Know

Relying only on a typical homeowners or renters insurance policy for a private party can be dangerous. To fill in any coverage gaps, some homeowners will look for specialized insurance. Parties Can Pose Several Risks. Here Is a Look at Some of Them The level of risk your party poses will determine how much insurance coverage you should obtain before

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What to Consider When Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

A great way to get the best insurance deals is to work with an independent insurance agency that networks with multiple insurance providers. That’s an ecosystem that allows you to get carefully filtered quotes in a reasonable amount of time, based on your own personal criteria. Here are important questions to ask an independent insurance broker. Do You Have Policy

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What Liability Claims Require Umbrella Insurance Coverage?

Umbrella insurance coverage expands the liability protection (limits) provided by your primary liability policies. It doesn’t cover your property against damage, but protects you when you’re liable for causing property damage or personal injury to someone else. You can cover yourself against these liability claims/issues with umbrella insurance coverage: Legal Defense Costs If someone files a liability lawsuit against you,

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Common Insurance Mistakes That You Should Avoid

It’s easy to make mistakes with insurance policies if you rush and sign them without fully understanding the details. Some people want to just get past it to meet a requirement of the state or their employers. Ultimately, you must be clear about what you’re signing to avoid the following common insurance mistakes. No Insurance – Some people lack insurance

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Is It Possible to Pause My Car Insurance Policy?

As car insurance is a must-have for car owners, carrying auto insurance is not an unfamiliar phenomenon. However, paying for something month after month on a yearly basis with no particular end in sight can be financially draining, which is why some policyholders might seek to purchase insurance policies with lower rates or just cancel their policy entirely. What many

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