Does Your Auto Insurance Cover Water Leaks?

If your car has experienced any type of water damage, it’s important to know what type of coverage you have. Comprehensive auto insurance will cover many types of water damage as well as any possessions you may have in the car. Other types of insurance will only cover collision damage or damage to the other driver’s vehicle. You will need to talk to your insurance agent if you are unsure of what type of coverage you have.

Water Leaks Coverages Offered Under Auto Insurance

Let’s look at the following water leak coverages in relation to auto insurance:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage for Water Leaks

    Comprehensive coverage is normally only required if you have a lien on your vehicle. If you have chosen to purchase comprehensive coverage, it will guarantee that any water damage you experience from leaks will be covered by your policy. Other types of auto coverage will not take care of water-related damage.

  2. Water Leaks from Storms

    When a strong storm with high winds and driving rain knocks a branch or other heavy item on your car, water can make its way inside. Your comprehensive auto coverage will kick in to take care of the damage. If you leave your windows down by accident, you may not be so lucky. Leaving your windows down is considered a preventable occurrence and could have been avoided, meaning your policy won’t pay for any damages that might result.

  3. Engine Damage Caused by Flooding

    Heavy flooding that accompanies strong storms may damage your car’s engine. Your comprehensive policy will cover this type of damage. It will oftentimes pay for the engine to be replaced. If the damage is extensive, it may pay for the cost of replacing the vehicle. It will depend on what type of auto coverage you have.

  4. Car Equipment and Flood Damage

    If you have permanently added a GPS, charging system, laptops, or an extensive sound system to your car, your comprehensive coverage will not pay for any damages that are caused by flooding. In order for it to be covered, you must provide a list of the additional items and purchase extra coverage.

  5. Water Leaks and Regular Car Insurance

    If you only have collision insurance or general liability, water leaks and the damage they cause will not be covered. If you have comprehensive coverage, on the other hand, your coverage may kick in after you have paid your deductible.

Will I Have to Pay a Deductible for Water Damage?

Any time you file a claim against your auto insurance policy, you will need to pay your deductible before your insurance pays for the rest of the repairs. Any check you receive will be minus the cost of your deductible. A deductible is a part of every type of insurance policy and must be paid before you can collect on a claim.

Cover Water Leaks in Your Vehicle with CF&P Insurance Brokers

When you experience water damage to your car, you need to talk to the professionals at CF&P Insurance. We have the answers you are looking for and will guide you through the claims process. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive auto insurance coverage. Auto insurance doesn’t have to be confusing. When you work with reputable agents, we can make sure you fully understand all of the parts of your policy.

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