Home Inspection Checklist for 2022

Regular home inspections performed by trained professionals will allow you to see what condition your home is in. A thorough home inspection will give you an idea of any work that needs to be completed to keep your home in top condition.

Here are a few things you should bear in mind during home inspections this year.


A roof inspection will help identify any weak or soft spots in your roof. Your roof is constantly being exposed to the elements every day of the year. Eventually, it will take its toll. A professional roof inspector will identify areas where shingles may need to be replaced. They will also suggest the ideal time for replacing your roof.


Over the years, your foundation may start to settle. This can cause cracking and shifting, which may damage the structure of your home. An inspector can find areas that may be compromised. Making repairs early will prevent major damage in the future and also create a much sturdier foundation.


If you find that there are large areas of standing water in your lawn after rain, you may want to look into grading your lawn or adding some drainage tiles to keep water from collecting near your foundation. This will prevent damage and will also keep your lawn looking healthy and vibrant.

Electrical and HVAC

Having your HVAC and electrical systems inspected every year is the best way to make sure they are both in good working order. Your electrical system can be affected by power surges while your HVAC system may experience gradual wear and tear that affects how efficiently it runs throughout periods when use is heavier than others.

Extermination and Early Prevention

Having an exterminator check your home every year or so will make sure minor infestations don’t get out of hand. Termites can destroy a home in just a few years so it is essential that you keep them under control. An exterminator can also deal with spiders, rodents, and any other pest you may have lurking in your home.

If you are ready to look into making some home improvements over the next year, start the process by having your homeowners insurance re-evaluated. You might be surprised to find that a few changes could save you a lot of money. Call our agents at CF & P Insurance Brokers. We will go over your policy with you and help you find a few things you may want to look into when it comes to improving both your insurance and your home.

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