High-Value Home Insurance: What You Need to Know

For most homeowners, standard home insurance policies provide adequate protection. However, if you are one of the growing numbers of people with a home worth more than $1 million, you may need the extra cover of high-value home insurance. High-value home insurance is a form of coverage designed for homeowners with expensive residences. The cover is particularly important if your home contains a pricey personal property that needs additional protection.

Reasons to Choose a High-Value Home Insurance Policy

This type of insurance policy is for condos, rental homes, personal property, or houses with a higher-than-average replacement or reconstruction value. Keeping this in mind, you should think of getting a high-value homeowner insurance policy if:

  • Your home’s value is at least $750,000
  • Your home features unique design elements
  • You own a heritage home or a property with older features not used in conventional construction practice
  • You have expensive or unique fixtures
  • Your home contains valuable art, jewelry, rugs, wine, and other expensive specialty items

Home Insurance: Features of the Best Protection

A high-value home insurance policy includes the features you will find in a standard homeowner’s policy alongside additional features. They include:

  1. Broader Policy Limits

    By default, most insurers’ typical HO-3 insurance policy only covers your personal property at its current cash value and your home at its replacement value. In contrast, high-value home insurance covers your home and valuables at their replacement cost. Coverage enhancements to this form of homeowners insurance may include:

    • Extended replacement cost
    • Unlimited living expenses paid to you while your home is repaired or rebuilt
    • Up to $25,000 medical coverage
    • Higher sub-limits for fine art and jewelry compared to a standard home insurance policy
  2. Extra Coverage

    As the best protection for home insurance, you get extra coverage only available as endorsements with standard homeowner’s insurance. A few of the additional protections that you may expect are:

    • Computer coverage
    • Water backup coverage
    • Business property coverage
    • Identity theft coverage
    • Family protection coverage
    • Higher limits for loss assessment
  3. Policy Perks

    When you take a high-value home insurance policy, you pay for more than a better policy. As a premium insurance product, you will enjoy a range of perks and exclusive benefits unavailable to holders of standard policies. Some of the perks that you can expect are:

    • Special protection from natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfire
    • Complimentary home appraisal
    • Deductible waivers if you suffer losses above $50,000
    • Loss mitigation consultation
    • The ability to claim a cash payout instead of getting your home rebuilt or your personal property replaced by your insurer

How Does High-Value Home Insurance Differ from Standard Home Insurance?

High-value home insurance covers everything that a standard home insurance policy covers, but with higher coverage limits. It also provides additional coverage for homeowners with costly possessions, which means you need not purchase additional endorsements to extend your coverage for an added liability or peril.
A high-value home insurance policy includes higher coverage limits or enhanced coverage for:

  • Structural Repair or Replacement
    A high-value home insurance policy covers your home and personal property at its replacement cost, even if it exceeds the coverage limit or your home’s value.
  • Possessions
    High-value home insurance provides higher coverage limits for jewelry, coin collections, business property at home, and money.
  • Additional Living Expenses
    You can get coverage for additional living expenses, such as meals, accommodation, and laundry when your home is under reconstruction or repair.
  • Liability
    You can get higher coverage limits for medical payments, personal liability, loss assessments, slander, defamation, and libel.

Besides these, a high-value home insurance policy includes the following coverage options:

  • Flood coverage
  • Kidnap and ransom coverage
  • Liability coverage for domestic help
  • Excess liability and umbrella liability coverage
  • Identity theft coverage
  • Coverage for vacation homes
  • Medical coverage for pets

How Much Does a High-Value Home Insurance Cost?

The cost of high-value home insurance varies, depending on:

  • The age and construction of your home
  • Where your home is located
  • Whether you need any additional coverage for high-priced valuables

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