Home Maintenance Tips You Need for This Summer

Keeping your home in good shape for the summer is best achieved with a thorough checklist. It’s particularly important to make sure your home is prepared to handle warm weather, especially if you plan on inviting guests for social gatherings.

Here are key maintenance tips to add to your checklist.

Inspect All Points of Entry

One of your top priorities should be to make sure all the locks on your doors and windows work properly. Any broken latches or other issues that compromise safety should be repaired right away. Test the doors and windows from the outside to make sure they lock properly.

Check for Water Damage

Water leakage should be another top concern since it can lead to expensive damage if not fit promptly. Check your showers, sinks, the hoses to your washer, and other plumbing appliances and fixtures for leaks.

Inspect your entire home for leaks and other wear and tear to mitigate damage caused by moisture. Letting moist build-up up can lead to mold, mildew, and contaminants posing health risks. Leaks and cracks can also grow into more serious repair problems.

Grill Safely

Using a grill should be restricted to outdoors due to the amount of smoke it generates. It’s important to keep a grill away from leaves or other materials that could catch on fire. It should also be set up at a distance away from children.

AC Tune-Up

Make sure your air conditioning works by hiring an HVAC professional to inspect your system periodically. The contractor will determine if your system has the right refrigerant levels to function efficiently. It’s also important to check the air filters yourself on a monthly basis to make sure they are clean, allowing for clean airflow.

Check Roof

Hiring a professional roofer once per year will give you insights into how well your roof is protecting you from outdoor elements. The roofer can spot leaks and other problems such as missing shingles, which can lead to leaks. The roofer can also clean your roof and gutters to prevent water backup.

Check All Lighting

Another good maintenance idea is to check all your lighting to see if any bulbs need replacing. Make sure your walkways are well lit at night. If not, consider adding new lights in dark areas. Not only is it safer for guests, but it can also help scare away burglars.

Trim Trees

Trees need trimming periodically. Otherwise, branches and leaves can cause obstructions, such as blocking sunlight or getting tangled up with telephone cables. Branches can also extend too long into a neighbor’s yard. Keeping trees trimmed may also prevent disasters such as big branches falling on your roof.

Keep Lawn Maintained

Your lawn plays a significant role in how well your home blends with the environment. Watering your lawn every other day can maintain a green appearance, whereas insufficient water will lead to weeds and eyesores. A regularly mowed lawn helps curb the appeal of your home and neighborhood.

Get more home maintenance tips from our team at CF&P Insurance Brokers. We are happy to discuss ideas that help protect your home, such as the right customized home insurance plan for your needs. Contact us today!

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