Hosting a Party but Confused about the Insurance You May Need? Here’s What You Need to Know

Relying only on a typical homeowners or renters insurance policy for a private party can be dangerous. To fill in any coverage gaps, some homeowners will look for specialized insurance.

Parties Can Pose Several Risks. Here Is a Look at Some of Them

The level of risk your party poses will determine how much insurance coverage you should obtain before hosting a party. Any person attending the event could hold you financially liable for their actions. Thus the more guests you invite, the greater your coverage level should be. Here are some potential risks to look out for:

  1. Injuries You never know what can go wrong at a party, which is why liability coverage is so important.
    • Accidents or injuries resulting from alcohol
    • Damage to equipment any vendors, like photographers, bands, or caterers, might bring
    • Food poisoning
    • Guests having a slip, trip, or fall on your property
  2. Property Damage If you are hosting a party at home, you may want to cover things like:
    • The risk of stolen or broken possessions from a misbehaving guest
    • The risk of fire from grilling or a backyard bonfire
  3. Underage Drinking

    Allowing an underage drinking event may result in an accident or property loss, which may require you to pay for debilitating legal costs, lawsuits, and financial penalties. Additionally, your insurance provider can decide to revoke your coverage.

Host a Great Party, but Stay Protected

Even while special event insurance is not necessary for in-home celebrations, you should still think about getting it if you’re planning a bigger event, like a wedding or a graduation party. Instead of having to change your house insurance coverage to accommodate a party, event insurance gives you a one-time extension of coverage for third-party claims of property damage or bodily injury. Here are some coverages you might need.

  1. Protection for guests

    At a party, anything might happen, which is why liability insurance is crucial. The majority of common home insurance policies offer some liability protection; however, the protection might not be enough. Special event insurance can offer a larger personal liability coverage limit. Always keep in mind that only the amount of your limit, which varies per policy, is covered by your insurance. As a result, you should make every effort to reduce these risks. Check to check if your insurance company offers event liability insurance so that you are protected in case of unplanned events during your party.

  2. Venue protection

    The majority of home insurance policies include some protection for the property, but it might be advantageous to look into supplementary event liability.  An umbrella policy may expand these perils.  Moreover, many professional venues have event insurance to protect the facilities and property.

  3. Event cancellation

    An event cancellation policy is something you might want to think about if you’re hosting a big house party. If you need to cancel the party and there has been a lot of money exchanged between vendors and guests, this is a great way to get your money back. Birthday and anniversary parties, baby showers, and other private events are frequently covered like this.

  4. Protection from serving alcoholic

    Alcohol is a common element of parties, but binge drinking frequently results in bad decisions. Liquor liability is partially covered by homeowners insurance, but you should inquire about any exclusions, conditions, or limitations with your insurance agent. Generally, bartenders and food suppliers have liquor liability insurance. However, you can also use a social host liquor liability insurance. This is a temporary insurance plan created to give a party host additional protection.

Consult with CF&P Insurance Brokers to Get the Best Insurance for All Occasions

The risk of injuries and damages is unavoidable when hosting a party with a large guest list. That is why it’s important to consider the type of insurance you may need to protect not only yourself but also your guests. Looking to get home or event insurance near you in California? Contact our experienced agents at CF&P Insurance Brokers for a hassle-free process.

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