5 Tips to Motivate Your Child to Do Homework

Unless your children are natural overachievers who enjoy homework time, you likely find it hard to motivate your kids to do their homework. Unfortunately, homework is often a source of constant conflicts between parents and their kids. This battle is all about control. Some of the strategies your child may use to rebel against homework include refusing to hand in their homework, doing their homework carelessly, or even refusing to do their homework. However, when this happens, you should not argue, threaten, or nag your child. Instead, use these five practical tips to motivate your kids to do their homework.

Tip #1 Leverage Internet-based Technology

A recent study by the Erikson Institute showed that more than 85% of parents in America allow their young children aged 8 years or younger to use technology, including smartphones, computers, and tablets, for up to 45 minutes every day. Moreover, 86% of the study’s participants reported being satisfied with their kids using technology, and more importantly, the role such technology plays in promoting child development and literacy. Another similar study by the Common Sense Media found that more than 42% of young children in America now have their own tablet devices such as an iPad. Based on these studies, you can leverage such technology to motivate your child to do his/her homework. For instance, educational apps for kids can help your kid with many subjects, including math and spelling.

Tip #2 Make Homework Their Responsibility

You can use homework as a tool to teach your child responsibility. To this end, make sure your child understands the consequences of not doing his/her homework. By taking ownership, your child will be able to see the direct consequences of their actions and will likely want to avoid the negative consequences.

Tip #3 Allow Your Child to Set Their Homework Time

As mentioned earlier, the fight over homework is essentially a battle for control. With this in mind, allow your child to set his/her own homework time.

Tip #4 Create a Homework Routine

If you do not have a homework routine yet, consider establishing one. A routine is particularly important because it would help your child establish good homework habits. One simple way to create a homework routine is to set aside some time for homework every day, which can be right after school or a few hours after school, depending on your child’s preference.

Tip #5 Help Kids with Their Homework

Instead of telling your kid to do his/her homework, help them with their homework. While at it, look for creative ways to make homework fun and engaging. For instance, you can turn homework into a bonding activity or a game.


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