Brian Kelleher


(925) 956-7707

As a very new addition to CF&P, Brian is eager and happy to be part of the firm. Brian believes insurance is a necessity in our transactional based world. He enjoys helping our clients obtain the protection they need at a reasonable cost given each clients’ unique experiences and requirements. Brian graduated from Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley. He also obtained his CLCS designation.

Brian has lived in the East Bay nearly all his life. As a kid, he remembers riding the BART system for free, the first day it entered service. He is excited to see the East Bay reignited with business innovation and growth opportunities. His wife and two daughters enjoy the ever changing beauty of the East Bay. When Brian is not at work, he likes to guide and help young people develop unique outdoor experiences in a leadership program or summer camp. He also enjoys snow and mountain activities including Randonee skiing, backpacking and mountain peak climbing. Brian has had extensive board work, both with the BSA of America and a local family camp, which has really allowed him to enjoy his passion for the outdoors.
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