Facts to Know about Wildfire Insurance in California

California is an amazing place to own a home, thanks to the state’s endless sunshine and beaches. However, if you own a property in California, you need to understand the Golden State’s serious wildfire risks. In 2021, for example, more than 2 million acres in California were ravaged by 8,835 wildfires. Hence, if you own property in California, carrying wildfire

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Homeowners Insurance: 10 Things You Should Know

Many people have misconceptions about their homeowners’ policies. They are easy to understand if you have your agent go over them with you. There are a few things you can take note of and ask your agent about. The more information you have about your policy, the better off you will be if you ever experience an event where you

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Will My Homeowners’ Policy Cover a Tree Falling on My Home?

Your homeowners’ insurance can protect you from many different perils that you may not think of until an event occurs. When you think of storms, you probably are most concerned with wind, rain, and hail. Downed trees can pose a huge problem if you are unprepared. Your homeowners’ insurance may be more of a help than you realize in this

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Do I Need Homeowners Insurance If My House Is Paid Off?

When you buy your first home, you’ll also be required to purchase homeowners insurance if it’s financed through a mortgage lender. Homeowners insurance lowers your risk of asset destruction in the event of a natural disaster. It also protects against theft, vandalism, and other mishaps. Here are a few important reasons to carry home insurance even after paying off your

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Home Inspection Checklist for 2022

Regular home inspections performed by trained professionals will allow you to see what condition your home is in. A thorough home inspection will give you an idea of any work that needs to be completed to keep your home in top condition. Here are a few things you should bear in mind during home inspections this year. Roof A roof

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