A Basic Guide to Filing Workers’ Compensation Claim in California

All employers in California are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Employers with no workers’ comp insurance policy may face criminal and civil penalties. When you file a workers’ comp claim, you have to deal with your employer’s workers’ comp insurer. If there is a dispute regarding any aspect of your claim, the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board will resolve the

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Independent Contractors and Workers’ Compensation: An Overview

Workers’ comp insurance is a policy that provides coverage to employees (and independent contractors). The policy will pay for any medical expenses and lost wages resulting from a work-related injury. Some independent contractors prefer to carry their own health insurance coverage for work-related accidents, but this type of coverage will not pay for lost wages. However, the final decision is

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Understanding the Basics of Workers’ Compensation Fraud

Fraud occurs in almost every industry. It is especially common when it comes to workers’ compensation cases. The fact is many workers’ compensation claims are fraudulently filed in an attempt to make money without actually being injured. It’s important to understand how the fraud process works and what steps can be taken to avoid it. Claim Mills Fraud Claim mills

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