What to Consider When Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

A great way to get the best insurance deals is to work with an independent insurance agency that networks with multiple insurance providers. That’s an ecosystem that allows you to get carefully filtered quotes in a reasonable amount of time, based on your own personal criteria. Here are important questions to ask an independent insurance broker.

Do You Have Policy Options?

The main reason an individual turn to an independent insurance agency is to expand their options. Such an agency deals with various providers that offer a wide range of price points based on numerous risk factors.

Working with an independent broker gives you more clearly narrowed-down options in a short time than if you did your own exhaustive research from scratch. Many times it’s hard to gauge the long-term costs and sufficient liability limits, so it helps to work with an experienced agency that can inform you of options that aren’t so obvious.

Is the Pricing Realistic?

Independent agents make their own insurance price comparisons to gain a competitive edge in the market. An agent who only works for and promotes one company may not always be in the best position to offer the best insurance deals. An exception is when one insurance company offers different types of coverage plans in one package at a discount. Your independent agent can give you objective solutions on bundling.

Are You Maximizing Your Time?

Shopping for insurance can eat up a lot of time since you need to read several policies carefully. What stretches the process out is there may be confusion over what certain policies do and don’t cover. It can also take time to get a response from an insurer after you’ve requested a detailed quote. An independent agent, though, works on your behalf and speeds up the process by already knowing which types of insurance work well with different market segments.

Do the Agents Live, Work, and Give in Your Community?

It’s advantageous if you team up with an insurance agency near your neighborhood. Not only does it cut the costs of transportation, but it also gives you peace of mind that you’re not far from insurance help if you need it. An independent agent who works in your community is more likely to understand your immediate risks and coverage needs than an outsider who’s forced to endorse one brand at the expense of all others.

Do the Agents Respond Personally?

Independent insurance agents work as friendly partners who earn the trust of customers via excellent service and a successful reputation. They add a personal touch to insurance that you might not find from a large firm that treats customers like statistics.

Independent agents go further than standalone insurers by asking key questions to determine your eligibility for certain insurance discounts. Therefore, you’re more likely to get a well-customized policy that fits your budget by working with an independent insurance consultant.

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